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IP Transit (Internet Bandwidth)

IP transit is the form by which Internet bandwidth is sold to Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, hosting companies, resellers and other businesses wanting to peer with the 19th Floor Network. Pricing is offered on a megabit per second per month basis (Mbit/s/Month) and does not require the purchaser to commit to a minimum volume of bandwidth. Pricing for the bandwidth can be reduced significantly by purchasing larger volumes. We offer burstable billing to allow you to pay-as-you-go and to ensure the continuous operation of your services under heavy bandwidth load. With this Peering solution, the physical location of your network infrastructure and systems can be located outside the 19th Floor Data Center.

High Quality Bandwidth At Low Prices

19thfloor buys extremely large quantities of bandwidth from multiple tier one providers. Our purchasing strength give us aggressive pricing from these carriers, which we then pass along to you. We can provide transport-only if you have a specific carrier relation you want to maintain, or we can aggregate your traffic across all of our providers for the best availability.


Once connected to the 19th Floor Network, you can enjoy all it's benefits, while only paying for what you use. No minimum usage or long term contracts are required. This is not the usual case when purchasing IP Transit. Minimum purchase requirements are imposed on the client forcing them to estimate their future bandwidth. Surpassing the minimum purchase agreement, in some cases yields a penalty while on most cases, quality of service is simply diminished because the maximum capacity is reached and congestion occurs. At times where usage falls bellow the minimum, the customer is still required to make payment for unused resources.

IP Address Space Provisioning

Purchasers of IP Transit gain access to 19th Floor's IP Address Space. Customer's can request as many IP Addresses as they need, as long as an explanation of the use for each IP Address is provided and conforms with ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers) regulations. These IP Addresses fall under 19th Floor's ASNs (Autonomous System Number) and are routed through our BGP4 switches and routers.

Local Peering

If your network is based out of one of 19th Floor's Points of Presence, peering can be setup fairly quickly and at a minimum cost. In most cases, a connection can be established within 48 hours and in some cases the setup fee can be waived altogether. To view a list of 19th Floors Points of Presence, navigate to the Points of Presence section of this site.

Remote Peering

If your network is not located in one of 19th Floor's POPs (Point of Presence), you must lease a dedicated or private line between the 19th Floor Network and your network. 19th Floor offers connections for this very purpose, which are capable of transmitting data at ultra-high speeds over Optical Fiber lines, with capacities ranging from 10mbps to 1000mbps or greater. For more information on our these types of services see the Dedicated and Private Lines section of this site.

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