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Dedicated and Private Lines

A leased line is a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations. It is also referred to sometimes as a Private Circuit, Private Line, Leased Line or Local Loop. With Private Lines, each side of the line is permanently connected to the other side and is used to transmit, in most cases, IP or telephone data between the two end-points. Connecting business offices directly to Data Centers is becoming increasingly common as businesses recognize the benefits and cost savings of hosting their data systems in such locations. 19th Floor offers a wide variety of Private Lines for all business needs and can connect you directly to the 19th Floor Network, allowing you to make use of fast, reliable, scalable and extensive bandwidth.

Remotely Connecting to the 19th Floor Network

If you require continuous, fast and dedicated connectivity to the 19th Floor Network, obtaining a Dedicated Line between your network or place of business and one of our Points of Presence is the solution your looking for. Having a direct link to the 19th Floor Networks gives you the immediate advantage of benefiting from burstable, fast, reliable and competitively priced bandwidth. Pricing for such connections is dependent on the location of the remote site and is based on a flat monthly recurring fee, regardless of how much data is transmitted at any given point in time, in any direction.

Connecting Between Two Remote Points

In addition to offering direct connectivity to the 19th Floor Network, 19th Floor also offers Dedicated Lines between to remote location as selected by the client. Pricing is based on the physical location of the two interconnection points and the speed of the line. As with all Dedicated Lines, the amount of data transfer is irrelevant.

Types of Dedicated and/or Private Lines

Dedicated and Private Lines are available in a variety of speeds as listed below T-1 - 1.544 megabits per second (24 DS0 lines)
T-3 - 43.232 megabits per second (28 T-1s)
OC-3 - 155 megabits per second (100 T-1s)
OC-12 - 622 megabits per second (4 OC3s)
OC-48 - 2.5 gigabits per seconds (4 OC12s)
OC-192 - 9.6 gigabits per second (4 OC48s)

Source Destination Availability

Dedicated or Private Line service is offered in all over the world. For areas no reachable directly by us, we have teamed up with some of the most reliable and trusted service providers to provide you seamless connectivity.

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