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About the Network

The 19th Floor Network was built from the ground up and is based on a formula of quality, scalability, and uninterrupted, continuously available connectivity at extremely competitive prices. In operation since 2003, the 19th Floor Network has proven its reliability and has generated an excellent track record that speaks for itself. Sparing no expense with regards to infrastructure, the network is built completely with Cisco equipment with a one-plus-one redundant based architecture, wired completely from end-to-end with Cat6, Cat5e or Fiber Optic cable.


The 19th Floor Network was designed and deployed to be robust, legacy-free, and highly scalable, spanning key markets across North America and Europe. We are connected to major backbone nodes via several Dedicate Optical Fiber Gigabit Lines, including Ten-Gigibit. In the event that one connection should fail, Broadband connectivity will remain unaffected due to redundant connections and our Multi-Homed network infrastructure.

Customer Delivery

Connecting to the 19th Floor Network from a remote site (a site not located withing one of our Points of Presence) is done via a Dedicated Optical Fiber connection and can be leased from us or from a provider of you choice. Connections within 19th Floor Network's Points of Presence are provisioned through dedicated 10/100mbps FastEthernet ports or 1000mbps GigabitEthernet over RJ-45 or Fiber Optic cable.

IP Address Space

Customers can request as many IP Addresses as they need, as long as an explanation of the use for each IP Address is provided and conforms with ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers) regulations. These IP Addresses fall under 19th Floor's ASNs (Autonomous System Number) and are routed through our BGP4 switches and routers.


19th Floor Network policy, strictly states that utilization of network resources fall below 50% at any given point in the day. If utilization exceeds 50% for a total of 30 minutes during a week, additional resources are put in place to increase capacity. Current transit capacity of the 19th Floor Network is 12000mbps.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Each connection and port on our routers and switches is monitored through a custom bandwidth monitoring applications gathering data on a five minute interval from two distinct monitoring application servers. Our proprietary 19th Floor Control Panel allows customers to view easy-to-read, detailed graphs as well as other pertinent network information.

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